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Your first Choice for brand globalization
You focus on products,
We manage all the rest!
We are a "One-stop" e-commerce SaaS platform, let the world discover your Brands!
About shopastro
We are a "One-stop" e-commerce SaaS platform. Give you an easy business admin dashboard for everything you need in an e-commerce 'travel', like traffic, transactions, shipping, CRM and so on.
Insight into buyers’ requirements,
An easy way for Website building and marketing
Better purchasing experience with local payment methods,
Buy and pay anywhere, anytime
Service guarantee
Diverse payment and logistic solutions,
secure and convenient
Multi-stores system, CRM, all-channel Advertising system and others great tools,
"A stitch in time saves nine."
Building a store has never been easier
Create a brand new online store just with few ‘clicks’.
Get a 200% increase on ROI
Various advertising plans
Know buyers well, advertising within multi channels + SNS Promotions, Make it more accurate and efficient.
Caring, meticulous and thoughtful
Money-saving and worry-free logistics payment solution
various payment methods, safe and fast.
Comprehensive and Smart Optimization
Efficient Management Tools and also with VIP 1v1 professional service.
Multi-stores system, CRM, all-channel Advertising system and others great tools. Our professional operation team will accompany with you and your business all the time!
Know you well and know also your customers well
Let the World Discover Better China Brands
7x24 customer service
1v1 Expert & Consultant support
Powerful but easy-to-use operation backend
High Availability and Safe System